Home Profile Milestone


2013 Panasia Systems Limited posted commercial photography services information and photos on the website of HKTDC - Online market place.
2012 Panasia Systems Limited has been included in the Education Bureau Standard List of Supplier under the following Commodity Group Serial shown below :

Commodity Group Serial Description
S Provision of Homepage / Internet and Related Services
AS Desing & Film / Video Production Services
M Computer Communication Equipment and Network / Cabling Services

Panasia Systems Limited launched one stop branding scheme services for diamond and jewelry sector of business.

Business sector of client : Diamond and Jewellery

2010 Panasia Systems Limited launched antique, antique jewelry and diamond photography services.

Panasia Systems Limited launched Automatic Content Management Systems to enhanced web design services.

Business sector of client : Diamond and Jewellery, Political, Food and Beverage.


Mid 2008

Panasia Systems Limited provided website desgin services, , web hosting and email hosting services.

Business sector of client : Advertising Industry (Macau).

Meanwhile, Panasia Systems Limited started to provide product, beverage and interior desgin photography services to corporates in Macau SAR.

Business sector of client : Gambling (Macau), food and beverage.

Early 2008 Panasia Systems Limited is founded in Hong Kong.