Welcome to the Panasia Systems Limited

泛亞資訊系統有限公司以「家在香港,放眼世界」的理念,向香港,澳門,大陸及世界各地的企業及個人用戶,提供各類產品,包括紙飛機禮品,醫學口罩,專門拍攝衣服產品照片用途的鑲空模特兒公仔(Ghost Mannequin),自家設計手錶,鑽飾,及商業照明產品。


Panasia Systems Limited provides a variety of products to enterprises and individual users in Hong Kong, Macau, the mainland and around the world, including Paper Plane gifts, Level-3 Medical Masks, Ghost Mannequin for Professional Garment Products Shoots, ODM Watches, Diamond accessories and Commercial Lighting Product.

In addition, we sincerely provide Photography Services, Internet Services and various business services to our customers, in order to carry forward the spirit of Hong Kong's service industry, customer-oriented and quality service.