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此外,本公司也是 教育局服務供應商 之一,為香港教育界及莘莘學子提供各類優質教育服務,包括學生資料輸入,網頁/互聯網與相關服務 (S),設計及影片/錄影制作服務 (AD) 及電腦通訊設備及網絡/導線服務 (M)。

Panasia Systems Limited based in Hong Kong, one of the special administrative regions in China. With the vision on international trade, we provide different professional services including commercial photography, I.T. Solutions and Event Management services with the mind of quality of services in Hong Kong to corporate, schools and individual in China, Macau, Hong Kong and worldwide.

Meanwhile, Panasia Systems Limited is also one of the Education Bureau Standard List of Suppliers provide professional services for schools and students in Hong Kong. Those professional services including data entry services for student records, Provision of Homepage / Internet and Related Services (S), Design & Film / Video Production Services (AD) and Networking Services (M).

The Mission of Panasia Systems Limited

  1. 1. Increase the profit making ability of corporate clients.
  2. 2. Enhance the corporate image of our clients.
  3. 3. Enhance the efficiency of management of our clients.