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In order to enhance operation efficiency and profit making ability of clients,Panasia Systems Limited offers keep pace information technology products including computers, software, mobile phones and printers since 2008. The stylish I.T/Liftstyle accessories provides by our company are also excellent gift and premium with heart for our friends and relatives as well as personal collection for enjoyable life.

我們提供以下類別的產品 Please enjoy our product list below

電腦硬件 Computer Hardwares


Desktop computers and workstations, Laptop computers, Motherboards, Rams, Wireless routers

流動裝置 Mobile Devices


Smart Phones, Tablet PCs, Laptop Computers

軟件 Software

圖像處理,電腦防毒軟件,互聯網保安軟件,3D 繪圖軟件

Photo and Image Editing, Virus Cleaning, Internet Security, 3D Rendering

我們提供電腦品牌(排名不分先後):Adobe, Asus, F-Secure, HGST,IBM, Microsoft, etc