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  1. 獨特的攝影流程,讓鑽石,寶石,珍珠及珊瑚等珍貴珠寶,瑰麗奪目
  2. 拍攝高質素照片,開拓市場,推廣產品,如到達「一路一帶」路徑的市場
  3. 拍攝全高清介紹短片
  4. 製作宣傳品


Diamond and Jewelry Photography

Excellent diamond and jewelry photography services  to release unique features of diamond, gemstones, pearl, coral and jewelry products is offered by Panasia Systems Limited for local  and international diamond and jewelry suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, exhibitors and individual collectors .

Services Highlights, for detail please contact us:

  1. Professional photography workflow for diamond, gemstones, pearl, coral and jewelry products
  2. Professional event photography for diamond and jewelry trade show, exhibition and press conference
  3. Showcases the beauty and design of jewelry products.
  4. Professional photography for loose diamond, gemstones, pearl and coral.
  5. High quality picture with different color scheme for printing and online promotion
  6. Product full HD movies for promotion compaign